jueves, febrero 04, 2010

Estoy demasiado excitada para escribir algo coherente. Estoy ardiendo, ardiendo, hiperestimulación mental. Belleza. Reencuentro con la belleza del cuerpo y la poesía.

Os dejo con un poema de Leonore Kandel:


to fuck with love
to love with all the heat and wild of fuck
the fever of your mouth devouring all my secrets and my alibis
leaving me pure burned into oblivion
the sweetness UNENDURABLE
mouth barely touching mouth

nipple to nipple we touched
and were transfixed
by a flow of energy
beyond anything I have ever known


and two days later
my hand embracing your semen-dripping cock

the energy
almost unendurable

the barrier of noumenon-phenomenon
the circle momentarily complete
the balance of forces
lying together, our bodies slipping into love
that never have slipped out
I kiss your shoulder and it reeks of lust
the lust of erotic angels fucking the stars
and shouting their insatiable joy over heaven
the lust of comets colliding in celestial hysteria
the lust of hermaphroditic deities doing
inconceivable things to each other and
SCREAMING DELIGHT over the entire universe
and beyond
and we lie together, our bodies wet and burning, and
we WEEP we WEEP we WEEP the incredible tears
that saints and holy men shed in the presence
of their own incandescent gods

I have whispered love into every orifice of your body
As you have done
to me

my whole body is turning into a cuntmouth
my toes my hands my belly my breast my shoulder my eyes
you fuck me continually with your tongue you look
with your words with your presence

we are transmuting
we are as soft and warm and trembling
as a new gold butterfly

the energy
almost unendurable

at night sometimes I see our bodies glow

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