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*[P.C.= Political Correction]
[NOTE: This manifesto doesn't have an author, was created in a collective way and if you want to join it just spread it!]

We are the monsters that survive the everyday challenge of living surrounded by shit and rules that imprison our desires and bodies. We are the monsters that are not welcome almost anywhere. We are the monsters, the uglies, the rudes, the whores, the animals, the degenerates, the perverts, the non-polites, the punks. We are the ones that are able to see a real chance to change realities, because we know that changing this hell is the only way for us to avoid suicide or the desire of killing other humans. And some of us monsters have something important to say.

We are fed up of you: politically correct fascist “queers”, trans*haters, as well as trans*people who want nothing more but to finally be „normal“, who choose to adapt to the rules of patriarchy, and everybody else who is judging our desires.

We are fed up of your hypocrisy and your nasty, back-stabbing ways of communication. For years, we have been constructing bridges and you are just building new borders. We are fed up of the poison that your self-loathing and ignorance leaves in our time and space.

You and all the people who cannot go beyond genitals, who cannot allow themselves to think freely, who cannot see the beauty in the dirt, who cannot go beyond thinking inside of the establishment, who cannot go beyond fixed standards and rules, who cannot forget to accumulate money, who cannot step through the mirror: you are supporting the heteronormative, capitalist, mainstream system by constantly pushing us back into our precarious, painful and pissed-off positions.

You are a part of the fucking enemy and we are not going to accept your attacks anymore. Let's call this is an open war. So please, now you can take off your cynical masks and we will finally see each other. Maybe you will never look at our eyes nor tell us the things to our faces, that you have been saying behind our backs. Because you are so fucking afraid of speaking your mind freely, because you have swallowed their medicine and you have learned to be a coward. So let's call this is an open war... and we will destroy you with a smile.

You are using the P.C. code as a shield, because you are lacking the intelligence, the empathy and the love to create new ideas. Maybe you are so fucked up, that instead of searching a solution, you prefer to satisfy your self-destructive desire by destroying the beautiful and wise things that we are constantly building, that spring from our happiness, our lives, our unconditional love towards ourselves and all other monsters.

Based on the P.C. protocol, all you know to do is to play a simple game, a choreography of manipulation; but we, the monsters, like to do the things in an ethical and fair way, and - unlike you - we are doing it with a combination of heart and intuition. We are teaching each other to communicate actively and with respect, instead of choosing weapons like vetoes, banning and censorship.

The saddest thing in our lives is that even inside of our “affinity groups” called „the scene“ or „communities“, we have to deal every fucking day with, censorship, discriminations, exclusions and mental violence. Every day we have to deal with normative-thinking assholes like you, that dare to call themselves „queer“, when all they do is „square“. These fucking assholes, who are jealous of our strenght, our power, our humor, our playfulness, our joy and independence, our way of fighting, living, breathing, fucking, loving, desiring...

You despise us, because you cannot free your mind enough to join us, to love us, to be like us - or to simply be yourself. But still you prefer to stay near us, trying to regulate what we do, inside the spaces that we have created with our bodies, hearts and minds. Instead of struggling to learn how to love yourselves and fighting together with us for what you want, you are trying to strangle us with your rules, taking our air with your infinite need of attention, your stories of fucked-up-childhoods, your pathetic self-pity. And you are able to do it, because we are the only ones that respect and support you, who openheartedly give you our time, our company, our inspiration, our „for-free-or-a-small-donation“-entertainment, our dumpstered food, our stolen equipment, our free-box clothes. For this betrayal, we are spitting in your obnoxious middle class faces.

You are repressing us from inside our communities in a very cheap and unfair way. We don't know what you are pretending to be, but we know that we must protect ourselves from you, like from any other enemy trying to attack us.

And it's obvious that despots and idiots can be on every side of society: they can be cops or politicians, they can be perfect families or hippies, they can be black or white or yellow, poor or rich and yes, they can call themselves „queers“, too.

One of the best strategies to stop our anti-system struggle is to control the fight from inside. In this sense, the „victim“ role is the most powerful way to infect an anarko-feminist community. To recognize oneself as a „victim“ means that there's no way to protect, defend or to help us monsters. Instead, we the monsters, who have fought all of our lives to survive, refusing to be called a „victim“ now have to give our carefully collected energy to you - a truely powerful method to dis-empower the people that really want to survive and fight...

When a „victim“ appears on an anti-system movement, all the energies of the fighters go to that person. There are many ways to help someone to go beyond that role, to help them to deal in a healthy and ethical way with their personal problems, to rise above the traumata they have suffered – like we did before them or are doing right now. And for sure one of these methods can be rejecting the idea of the „victim“ and instead starting to invest ourselves in collective forms of self-empowerment.

The Politically Correct protocol is only useful for adapted people who want to be normal. It is there to avoid having a real discussion, making a real connection, achieving a real understanding of each others need and wants. But we, the monsters, never pretend to be adapted to the terms of the system, so we should protect ourselves from these kinds of impositions.

It could be painful and hard to talk clearly with a really hurting friend. But is totally necessary to do it. WE ALL NEED TO DO IT: to take responsibility for ourselves and each other.

The P.C. protocols came to us as an imposition from the normative society, like a trojan virus on a free software system. And we, the anarko-queer-feminist humans, should realize that now the moment has come to reject that protocol, once and for all.

Because these are instruments of the capitalist system to subjugate us, to make us become our own police, inside our own heads, inside our own jails/bodies. And these mechanisms can come to us wearing a uniform or a colored mohawk, they can have a cock or a pussy, they can also be extremely discrete or even invisible.

But every monster has a special intuition of justice and ethics inside of themselves. Or at least every monster should have that. This intuition has become our only effective weapon to fight back, a powerful virtue that can really save us from depression, destruction and boredom.

The only possibility of survival that we have is the alliance with another monster against our common enemy. Internal fights between us are just the beginning of the end, and we must stop this right now, before it is too late.

We, the monsters, are here to tell you that we are going to fight for the right to see and choose, we are going to fight for the liberation of all bodies and against any kind of repression. We will be against the (sometimes really subtle) violence that you exercise over the ones that choose to freely decide how, when, where and with whom to have sex.

You, the camouflaged bastards, the shitty PC cops, the enemies of imagination and of our struggle for freedom, you are prisoners of yourselves, and we don't have the time nor the energy to rescue you. Go and leave our spaces, or go and live with the heteronormative people, join their families, their jobs and their fucking patriarchal system. We don't want you beside us, inside us, we don't need you - we want you out of our lives and politics, out of our hearts and beds!

You are not welcome in the kingdom the monsters!!!

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